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Welcome to the BRADAN LIMITED website. We are exclusive UK Distributors for the CEFAS registered, DEFRA approved, ANTEC VIRKON® AQUATIC product range. If you wish to BUY or SELL VIRKON® AQUATIC or require technical help for your particular application please ring on (01586) 552228 or email us at:

ANTEC VIRKON® AQUATIC is a remarkable product, unique in the aquatic environment with its independently proven efficacy against the widest range of specific fish viruses, bacteria and protozoa. It is the essential biocide to enhance your BIOSECURITY PROGRAMME for a SAFE and BIOSECURE ENVIRONMENT.

Commercial fish farmers, fish processors, sport fishery operators and fish hobbyists, indeed everyone working on or near an aquatic environment benefits from including VIRKON® AQUATIC in the fight against water borne pathogens. Your enquiry is just as important if you are a salmon farmer worried about ISA or IPN, a processor concerned with Listeria, fishing lake operator trying to avoid the dreaded KHV, a koi keeper with a few valuable fish or a retail importer.

Contractor working near a water course or aquatic environment and require OPERATIONAL PROTOCOL for authorities? We can provide one for you!

If you are involved in protecting the health of terrestrial wildlife such as red squirrels from alien viruses or concerned lest migratory birds introduce avian influenza to your poultry or garden birds, then protecting them and your pets depends on the biosecurity and essential cleanliness of their habitat. Here our terrestrial VIRKON® S range is the gold standard to achieve the highest level of biosecurity.


Our principal areas of interest are:

  • Safe disinfection in the aquatic environment.
  • Animal disease control through advanced biosecurity.
  • Stress management in man and animals through our advanced heat shock protein technology
  • Carefully selected products for human use

If you wish to check our story please visit our ABOUT section


Protex-H® tablets are safe, easy to take and help the body to deal with the stress from long-haul travel and extreme sports.

Protex H - Reduces Travel Stress and Muscle Fatigue

Dictyolone® 500

A dietary preparation which helps to maintain the support tissues: the bones, cartilage and skin. 100% Natural Preparation.

Dictyolone® 500

Virkon® S

VirkonŽ S is the advanced biocidal disinfectant formulation which defines Equine Biosecurity. It is used in most leading stables and horse transport companies due to its powerful proven performance against the complete range of Equine pathogens.

Virkon® S

Virkon® Aquatic
for Anglers 500g

Special Offer
3 x 500g Powder

Virkon® Aquatic 500g

Virkon® Aquatic 10kg
DEFRA approved

The ultimate fish disinfectant, independently proven to be highly effective against significant fish pathogens. Also known as Virkon S Aquatic.

Virkon® Aquatic 1kg

Virkon® S

Virkon® S is the breakthrough disinfectant formulation that defines on agricultural biosecurity. With powerful, proven performance against over 500 strains of viruses. Also available in Sachets and Tablets.

Virkon® S

Virkon® Low Foam
Virkon® S Aquatic Tablets

Virkon S Aquatic tablets provides complete infection control in all aspects of fish rearing. It also has a favourable environmental profile and also offers great user safety.

Virkon® Aquatic Tablets

Virkon® Aquatic
for Anglers 500g

A new product specially designed for use by angling clubs and scuba divers for disinfecting boots, gear and nets to prevent transfer of disease or pests from one water body or country to another.

Virkon® Aquatic 500g

Virkon® S Tablets
(50 x 5g Tablets)

The tablets are especially suitable for low volume applications and can be used in conjunction with trigger spray bottles.

Virkon® S Tablets

Virkon® S Sachets

The 50g sachet of Virkon® S is ideal for the smaller user and makes up to 5litres of disinfectant. With powerful, proven performance against over 500 strains of viruses.

Virkon® S Sachet - 5 pack