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Protex Hydro®

Protex Hydro was originally designed for moving large numbers of fish over long distances. The results of its use can be very dramatic, with fish mortalities reduced by 30% or more compared to controls. It is now available for moving shellfish such as shrimp and wild and farmed carps and aquarium fish and is very effective whether for transport by land sea or air.

The Protex Hydro is added to the water before transport at a rate of 1ml. per 250 litres and preferably but not essentially, an hour or so before the fish are moved from their holding tank. It stimulates the fish to produce Heat Shock Proteins, especially HSP70 which enhances their ability to deal with stress and also protects against ammonia and temperature shock. There are no side effects and the product is approved for human consumption since there are no residue issues.

Recent work in several Universities has shown that it also enhances resistance to infection with vibrios and certain viruses and also allows rapid recovery of remaining fish when there has been a significant infection.

Protex Hydro is now used routinely for all fish movements by several fish importers, the UK Environment Agency and increasingly by commercial fish farmers. It is now also available in smaller volumes for use by the hobbyist.

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